The long and humid summers in Lakeland, Florida can sometimes cause your lawn to turn brown, especially if it’s not well cared for. Apart from intense heat, many factors can lead to brown patches on your lawn. These include not watering enough, watering at the wrong times, cutting the grass too short, and thatch buildup, to name just a few. Another reason for brown patches — also known as dollar spots — is a highly resilient fungus that can thrive in the most extreme conditions.

Are you frustrated about the brown patches on your lawn? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This lawn care company in Lakeland, Florida is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about dollar spots below, helping you avoid them in the future.

What Is a Dollar Spot?

Dollar spots are frustrating because they are hard to eliminate, especially in Lakeland, Florida’s hot and humid conditions. 

Circular brown spots on your lawn are fungal infections in grass caused by Clarireedia Jacksonii. The silvery dollar spots are seen in the morning when dew is present on your lawn, hence its name.

Since there are many reasons for brown patches on your lawn, dollar spots can be difficult to notice. However, there are two ways to diagnose:

1. Look at the blades of grass and see if they have bleached centers with reddish-brown borders and hourglass lesions. 

2. In the morning, check the affected areas for cobweb-like coating. The coatings are mycelium dispersed by the fungus infecting your turf to proliferate.

When left untreated, dollar spots can spread on your lawn and kill the entire lawn.

What Types of Grass Are Susceptible to Dollar Spots?

Pensacola Bahiagrass is a very common type of grass used in Lakeland, Florida and generally in the entire state because it is resilient to stress and can withstand the changing seasonal temperatures.

What Causes Dollar Spot Infection?

Any turfgrass disease can develop and thrive if it grows in favorable conditions. However, there are certain factors that can help you avoid a dollar spot on your lawn.

Malnourished soil 

Part of lawn care is making sure that you are regularly fertilizing the soil because low nitrogen levels in the soil are the perfect medium for dollar spot fungus to thrive. However, avoid excessively fertilizing your soil or with high nitrogen fertilizers as these can also attract other turfgrass diseases.

Wrong mowing practices and dry soils

Mowing is an important thing you should master. Clipping the grass too low can kill the entire root system of your lawn and expose the roots to dollar spot mycelium, which then can breed in the root system of the grass. Additionally, hot days in Lakeland, Florida, can deplete the soil’s moisture, leading to dollar spot infection.

Too much thatch

Thatch buildup holds a lot of moisture, creating a good breeding ground for dollar spot fungus. In addition, piles of leaves and debris on your lawn that can hold too much water can contribute to dollar spot infection.

How to Make the Dollar Spot Go Away

If you are one of the many homeowners who use fungicides as part of their lawn care in Lakeland, Florida, it can be tempting to use them to get rid of dollar spots. But, unfortunately, spraying fungicides on your lawn does not do anything to get rid of dollar spots or any other turfgrass diseases. Fungicides, on the other hand, are great ways for prevention. But don’t worry, you can still rid your Lakeland, Florida, lawn of dollar spots with these tips:

  • Add enough nitrogen fertilizer to the soil.
  • Use compost as a top dressing over the lawn. Compost increases microbe populations which helps reduce dollar spot severity.
  • Make sure you water correctly and at the right time.
  • Regular mowing can reduce the risks of getting dollar spots and prevents pests and disease. Make sure that you only clip one-third of the grass height to avoid any problems in the future.

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