Weeds can seriously destroy the image of your grass … you don’t need a lawn service expert to tell you that! A weed is considered to be anything that grows in your lawn that isn’t grass.

Weeds fight with grass for water and food and, if left unattended, they take over and your yard will look like the image at the top of this article:

So, what causes weeds to invade grass? Let’s hear it from a lawn service professional.

  • Water: Streams or strong storms can carry weed seeds which end up on your lawn during flash floods. There’s not much that we can do to prevent this from happening.
  • Wind: Weeds from your neighbors’ yards can take root in yours as a result of wind. This is also one of Mother Nature’s curve balls. In one swift breeze, your neighbors’ weeds could become yours. Seeds can blow right onto your beautiful, weed-free lawn. As with water, this can’t be prevented because we can’t control the wind.
  • Pets and other animals: Your pets and other animals can bring weed seeds to your yard when they venture into wooded areas or fields. The seeds get caught in their fur and fall on your grass. Birds can also bring seeds to your yard.


Lawn service companies suggest that grass should be cut at a higher level. This enables the grass to absorb more sun than the weeds. The weeds get weak, and the grass will eventually win the war. Another good way of controlling weed seed germination at its peak in early spring is to apply a pre-emergent weed control fertilizer.

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