Plant City and the surrounding communities are rapidly growing.  New residents are heading south from northern states and finding their new roots in homes in and around Plant City, FL. Many new residents are unaware of how the climate shift can affect many of their usual annual activities, such as lawn care.

Lawn care and maintenance in the southern states differs in some ways from the change of seasons that the northern states experience. In fact, one of the main differences between areas like Plant City, FL and New York or Pennsylvania is that your lawn now needs more work for more days out of the year.

In any case, we have put together a brief lawn service guide to help new residents get acquainted with their lawn’s needs in Florida.

Defining Lawn Service

So, what is lawn service? Lawn service consists of all the tasks that are done to maintain your lawn. From mowing to string trimming and everything in between, lawn service is at the foundation of every great property. And at the core of lawn service is knowing the type of lawn you are dealing with and what needs to be done to promote growth and vibrancy.

Comparing St. Augustine & Kentucky Bluegrass

The most common type of grass in Plant City and most of Florida is St. Augustine, which is much different than the Kentucky Bluegrass that is used in many of the northern states. Why is it important to know what type of grass is growing on your lawn? Every type of grass has specific needs and requirements to maintain optimal health.

The St. Augustine species is meant to be mowed at a height of 3.5 to 4 inches versus the Kentucky Bluegrass of the northern states which is maintained at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches. St. Augustine grass is a favorite in the Plant City region because of its hardiness, which is necessary to withstand the harsher climates faced in the south.

Furthermore, upon inspection, the difference between St. Augustine grass and Kentucky Bluegrass is obvious. The blades of Kentucky Bluegrass are finer than that of the thicker and more course blades present in St. Augustine grass.

When Lawn Services Start In Plant City & What Is Included

Spring lawn services in Plant City, FL and surrounding communities typically kick off in the early parts of March. When you invest in lawn services for your property, you are getting everything you need to protect the health of your lawn while also promoting a well-maintained property. And, getting the proper start in the Spring can be the key to the longevity of your lawn.

Lawn care services from a professional service like Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care LLC of Plant City typically include the following:

  • Mowing the entire property following the one-third rule
  • String Trimming in areas where mowers cannot reach, such as around fence posts, perimeter of landscape beds, and hard to reach corners.
  • Edging along the border of hardscaping, such as around patios, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.
  • Blowing grass clippings off your hardscaping and property

Any professional providing mowing services should be maintaining your lawn by using the one-third rule. This is where cutting one-third of the height off your grass to allow for more efficient consumption of light and water, resulting in stronger roots and a healthier, greener lawn.

Avoid HOA Fines With Professional Lawn Services

In Plant City and many other communities in Florida, homeowners can anticipate strict HOAs (Home Owner’s Association). While a professional lawn service offers a solution for the health of your lawn, it also offers protection from HOA fines  that some newly relocated people may not be used to dealing with. Many HOAs have restrictions which include the height of the grass on your lawn, the color of your mulch, etc. By investing in a lawn care service, you avoid unnecessary headaches with your community’s HOA.

Professional Lawn Services for Your Plant City Property

Start off your new home on the right foot and invest in professional lawn services. Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care LLC of Plant City is a local company that knows the lay of the land and has extensive experience with caring for a variety of lawn and landscaping needs in Plant City and its neighboring communities.

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