The colder months are upon us and winter lawn care is something that every homeowner should be practicing. Preparing plants for the harsh winter months will help them survive and thrive when the weather is warmer. Today we are going to learn some seasonal lawn care tips that will help you get ready for old man winter.

Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for The Winter

Winter lawn care can be tricky if you don’t know where to begin. During the winter months, homeowners are often challenged by the weather. Below are some tips that can make things a bit easier.

  • Aeration: One of the best things you could do for your lawn during the winter months is aeration. An aeration tool will poke small holes all over your lawn. This will allow water and nutrients to penetrate the ground and make it to the root system.
  • Fertilization: Winter lawn care would not be complete without fertilization. Giving your lawn a treatment of fertilizer will help your grass stay greener longer. After aeration is complete make sure to spread a balanced fertilizer on the lawn and give it a good watering.
  • Mulching: Those leaves that are built-up on your lawn needs to be removed. But instead of going through the pains of raking leaves, why not mulch them into the lawn? By using a mulching blade on your lawnmower, you will remove the need for raking and provide additional nutrients for your grass.

Preparing Plants for The Winter

Many plants simply won’t make it through the winter without some help. Today we are going to learn some landscaping tips that will help you protect your plants from wintertime frost.

  • Bring them indoors: If possible bring sensitive plants indoors before the first frost. This protects them from getting burned and prolongs their life.
  • Provide ground cover: Some plants will do well even when the temperature has dropped below freezing. But to help them out, make sure to add a generous layer of mulch to provide ample ground cover.
  • Prune those woody perennials and trees: Before the weather outside gets too cold to work in do some pruning. Prune woody perennials and trees back to allow for new growth during the spring.

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