Effective lawn care is not rocket science, but it does have some science behind it. There is a right time to treat your lawn, and there is a wrong time. This is even true in areas like Auburndale, Florida, where summers are hot and humid, and winters are short and cool.   

It will take a bit of getting used to, but once you know the right timing for lawn care, you can maintain a perfectly manicured yard all year round. Wondering where you should start? This lawn care company in Auburndale, Florida is doing to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

Treat Your Lawn at the First Sign of Spring

There are many things to consider when it comes to lawn treatment, but the general rule is to apply fertilizer only when the grass is actively growing. In Auburndale, Florida this growth process starts in spring and ends in fall. So based on this rule of thumb, you should begin the first round of treatment as soon as you see the first signs of spring around March or April.

Be careful not to apply too much fertilizer as this could do more harm than good. To know the optimum amount, measure your lawn and find out what type of grass you are growing. With this information, ask your local lawn care company how much fertilizer you should apply.

Another thing to consider is using a fertilizer with a pre-emergent. Many homeowners in Auburndale have trouble dealing with crabgrass and broadleaf, so look for a fertilizer that contains weed control for them. 

Treat Again Before Summer Arrives

Spring can last for around three months, which is quite long in terms of your lawn treatment calendar. So, before summer arrives, or around mid-spring, treat your lawn again using a fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen and no more than 2% phosphorus. This type of fertilizer will release the nutrients to your lawn over a prolonged period of time, encouraging growth long after you have applied it.

To control the weeds, apply another dose of crabgrass pre-emergent. However, add a separate dose of post-emergent as well. Crabgrass is an annual weed, but it behaves like a perennial and exhibits intermediate growth patterns. Using weed control will help you manage your lawn throughout the year.  

Fertilize During Summer

Summers in Central Florida are long and hot and might be too stressful for your lawn. Make sure that they receive enough nutrients during this time of the year by applying another round of slow-release fertilizer.

Additionally, your lawn should continue getting one to 1.5 inches of water each week during summer. If there isn’t enough rainfall, make up the difference with irrigation.

Fertilize Once More Before Summer Ends

Before summer ends, check if your lawn has yellow spots. It is usually an indication that the grass is not receiving the right amount of nourishment. If you see this sign, you should apply another dose of fertilizer to rejuvenate your lawn. Also, use weed control again if necessary.

Fertilizer for the Fall

Winter is approaching, but your grass is not done growing just yet. To prepare your lawn for the colder months, treat your lawn one last time around October or November. Doing this will help ensure that the soil on your lawn is healthy and will be ready once the next growing season starts.

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