Despite your best efforts, there may come a time when your lawn in Lakeland, Florida looks bare or even brown. A big reason for this is the compaction of the topsoil from foot traffic, lawn mowers, or just about anything you enjoyed doing on your lawn.

While there isn’t much you can do to prevent it, there is a way to rejuvenate your thinning lawn. All you need is an aerator, a power rake, and a few hours of your time.

Below, this lawn care company in Lakeland, Florida is going to provide some tips on how to get this done. But before we get to the “how,” let us take a closer look at the “why.” 

Why Compacted Soil is Bad for Your Lawn?

The top one to 1 1/2 inch of soil in Lakeland, Florida consists of an amazing mixture of roots, bacteria, insects, and key chemical reactions. In healthy lawns, this layer is loose enough to let nutrients, water, and even air pass through, allowing the grass and all the other plants on it to grow well.

The problem is that normal human activities can put pressure on the soil, making it more compact and denser over time. Every step that you take on your lawn or every pass you do with your lawn mower will make the top soil harder, making it more difficult for the vegetation and its roots to access all the water and nutrients needed for healthy growth. As a result, your lawn starts to get thinner until bare patches emerge on your yard.  

How Too Much Thatch Chokes the Lawn

Thatch is a tightly woven organic layer of dead and dying shoots, stems, and roots. It is formed between the crown of the grass and the soil surface when your lawn sheds organic debris much faster than nature can break them down.

While thatch is part of a natural process, it starts to cause problems when it becomes thicker than a quarter of an inch. At this level, it acts as an impenetrable barrier that blocks the entry of water and essential nutrients. It can even cut off the air circulation of the roots. Over time, your lawn will deteriorate until it becomes thinner and brownish.

Using an Aerator

If your lawn in Lakeland is already thinning, your best bet at revitalizing it is by loosening and aerating the soil. You can easily rent an aerator from a hardware store or garden center in Lakeland.

When deciding which equipment to rent, avoid any model that has spikes that would only perforate the soils as it rolls over your lawn. Look for an aerator that has spoons instead. This type of aerator can penetrate the soil three inches deep and can actually remove soil plugs.  

Using a Power Rake

The next equipment that you should rent from a garden center in Lakeland is the power rake. This equipment is heavier than a regular lawn mower but easier to operate than an aerator. It consists of solid vertical tines that spin continuously, pulling dead grass and other types of lawn debris to the surface.

After running the power rake over your lawn, the top soil will be more receptive to both seeds and fertilizers, making it easier for the grass and other plants to grow. 

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