Long, hot, and rain-filled summers in the Plant City area can certainly make your lawn care efforts challenging. Maintaining a lawn can be time-consuming and expensive. With that said, if you are a homeowner that wants to maintain a green and healthy yard, it’s important to do some research on how to properly care for your yard.

If you are looking for some guidance, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, this lawn care company in Plant city, Florida is going to discuss five things you should avoid when maintaining your lawn.

1. Do not bag your grass clippings.

Grass, like any other plant, requires nourishment. One simple thing you can do for your lawn that will save you time and money is to avoid bagging your grass clippings. Contrary to the misconception that clippings add to thatch in your yard, leaving them on your lawn greatly benefits the soil and grass. Grass clippings are nitrogen-rich protein for your lawn. With the high costs of inorganic fertilizers — not only in Plant City, Florida, but anywhere in the country — you can save money just by leaving the grass clippings in your yard. Just make sure that your clippings are not wet and are spread evenly to go back to the earth quickly.

2. Never use dull blades.

Much like shaving your face with a dull razor, your lawn can fray and even get bald spots if your blades are dull. Not only is this unsightly, but bald patches that are exposed to the sun can easily kill the grass and destroy the natural microbiome in your soil.

3. Do not scalp your lawn.

When doing lawn care in Plant City, Florida, remember to not cut your grass too short. Scalping or cutting the grass too short exposes the roots of your grass. As mentioned above, exposed roots can dry up and kill a patch of grass, making your lawn look patchy and brown. On the other hand, cutting your grass high allows the roots to grow deeper, enabling them to take in more nutrients and moisture. Always remember to only cut one-third of the grass’s height each time.

4. Never cut wet grass.

Wet summers in Plant City, Florida can add too much moisture to your lawn. Moisture in the grass weighs the blades down, making them bent. So, allow your lawn to dry first before mowing; this allows you to make an even cut and prevent accidents like slipping because the ground is wet. Furthermore, cutting the grass when wet makes them susceptible to fungus and other diseases.

5. Do not mow newly seeded grass or newly installed sods.

When grass has just been seeded, they are thin and have a weak root system. The same goes for newly installed sods. In addition, the weight of your lawnmower can cause the soil to become compacted and impede the soil’s aeration, which is crucial at this point. So, wait a few weeks and water diligently before mowing.

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