When it comes to lawn care, timing is of the essence. Many homeowners aerate, water, mow, edge, and pull weeds diligently, yet they still struggle to achieve a luscious lawn. Whether you use a DIY approach or hire a residential landscaping company in Lakeland, Florida, your lawn needs to receive the proper nutrients at the right time to thrive. Even something as simple as turning on your sprinklers too late in the day, for example, could promote the spread of lawn diseases.

We’re going to discuss the four main lawn care mistakes you should avoid below, and we’ll also explain how to time your efforts properly to achieve the greenest and healthiest lawn in the neighborhood.

Using broadleaf weed control in dry weather.

Some of the most common broadleaf weeds in Lakeland lawns include dollarweed, clover, chickweed, Dandelion, spurge, and beggarweed — but many more plants can invade your lawn quickly. You can use granular (or dry) weed control or spray an organic broadleaf herbicide to keep these actively growing weeds at bay.

A knowledgeable residential landscaping company in Lakeland, Florida will recommend that you use granular weed control when there’s heavy dew on the lawn. And, if you are spot treating with an organic herbicide, make sure you do it on a warm, sunny day.

The granules must stick to the leaves of the weeds to be effective. That needs moisture — so the best time to apply it is on a dewy morning. You will be wasting your time and money if the grass is not wet. Warm temperatures can also help liquid herbicides work faster. However, if you have had a hot but dry summer, you should water your grass first.

Applying pre-emergent herbicides too late.

Pre-emergent herbicides (also known as weed preventers) control invasive weeds by preventing their seeds from germinating. An application early in the growing season (generally between late February and late April) works wonders.

Because pre-emergent herbicides are ineffective against weeds that have already germinated, they must be applied before the weeds begin to grow to be effective.

Not watering in the early morning.

Regardless of the type of grass you have in your Lakeland lawn, it will almost certainly require some irrigation to stay green during prolonged dry spells in the summer.

The best time to water your grass is in the early hours of the morning — the warmth of the Florida sun will quickly dry the grass, reducing the risk of disease. Your residential landscaping company in Lakeland, Florida will advise you to avoid watering your grass at night, as this can encourage disease due to ample moisture. You should also avoid watering at noon since much of the water will evaporate before the grass even has a chance to absorb it.

Not mowing often enough.

Mowing may seem to be a no-brainer, but the frequency with which you do it has a significant impact on the health and appearance of your lawn.

Many Lakeland homeowners mow their lawns once a week (usually on a Saturday or Sunday). For most of the year, weekly mowing may do the job. However, when growth is at its peak in the spring, mowing every four to five days may be necessary. This can end up being a very time-consuming task, which is why many homeowners have their lawn mowed by a residential landscaping company in Lakeland, Florida during the peak season.

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