Lawn maintenance in Auburndale, Florida involves more than just regular mowing, edging, and watering. It’s also recommended that you regularly trim your shrubs, control weed growth, aerate your soil, and take other steps to keep your lawn green and healthy. While you can always hire a professional lawn maintenance company in Auburndale, Florida to handle these tasks, the question is: is it worth the investment?

Having a beautiful lawn comes with several benefits that go far beyond just the aesthetics. We’re going to discuss the top seven benefits below. 

1. Increases Curb Appeal

One of the most significant benefits of a well-maintained lawn in Auburndale, Florida is that it improves curb appeal. This, in turn, could increase the value of your property by around 15% to 20%, which makes your home more attractive to buyers. As such, lawn maintenance is a long-term investment that can generate returns once you decide to sell your home.

2. Improves Air Quality

Plants and greenery absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to help you breathe fresher air. In addition, lawns can help trap dust, smoke, and other common pollutants, effectively improving your indoor and outdoor air quality. It will be particularly useful for high-traffic areas in Auburndale, Florida, since most vehicles emit air pollutants.

3. Promotes Physical Health

With a beautiful lawn outside your home, you have an open space to run or walk around, exercise, and spend quality time with your family. It gives you a reason to spend more time outdoors, allowing you to be more active and fit as you engage in physical activities. It is particularly beneficial now that the pandemic has caused people to stay at home more than they would in years past.

4. Enhances Mental Health

Lawns serve as great recreational spaces for you and your family to lounge around and do outdoor activities. These can all improve your mood, reduce stress, and promote optimism, ultimately allowing you to feel calmer and happier. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed, take some time to relax on your lawn in Auburndale, Florida.

5. Cools the Surroundings

One benefit that does not often come to mind when you think of a well-maintained lawn is cooling. During daytime, while the sun is out, your lawn absorbs heat from the sun to aid in photosynthesis, thereby cooling the surrounding air temperature. It will be particularly helpful for the summer days since it reduces the cooling requirement of your home, which in turn, decreases your energy bills.

6. Reduces Noise

A thick and healthy lawn can absorb sound and reduce noise pollution, thus being particularly attractive in urban areas. Unwanted noise from everyday traffic and other outdoor activities can be distracting when indoors, so your lawn can help give you more peace and quiet.

7. Filters Stormwater

Every time it rains, soil gets washed away and — together with the stormwater — potentially clog drains and flood homes. Properly maintained lawns can mitigate this risk by filtering and absorbing the rainwater. They also slow down runoffs to allow more water to seep back into the ground.

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