After you cut down a tree on your property, you can deal with the stump left behind in two different ways — you can grind it down, or you can remove it altogether. Depending on your situation, one option might be better than the other. But regardless of which option you choose, you will enjoy several advantages by having a stump-free yard.

Are you considering removing a stump from your yard? Need some convincing first? This stump removal company in Lakeland, Florida is going to discuss the advantages of having a stump removed below.

  1. Make the most of your yard: When a tree stump is completely removed, you can use the yard for any purpose you want. You can plant a new tree or construct a pool nearby without worrying about the old root system. When a stump is not completely removed, it keeps the yard from being flat, and the root system limits what you can plant or construct nearby.
  2. Prevent the root system from wrecking underground components: When a tree is chopped down, the root system ceases to grow. However, it might take decades for it to die and decompose naturally. So, if the roots are already damaging underground components like your plumbing, septic tanks, or foundation, they will continue to do so in the future. The only way to prevent the roots from causing any extensive (or expensive) damage to your underground components without having to wait decades is to remove the stump and root system.
  3. Keep tree diseases at bay: Even if you removed a diseased tree from your yard, the disease might have remained in the stump. This disease can then spread to the root systems of other trees in your yard, infecting them as well. You can effectively prevent the spread of tree diseases that could infect healthy trees on your property by removing the tree, stump, and root system.
  4. Prevent pest infestation: A tree stump in your yard is not just an eyesore — it also makes for an ideal camping site for wood-eating bugs like termites, powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, bark beetles, and wood borers. Unfortunately, these bugs will not camp in the stump for long. Wood-eating bugs can outgrow the stump as they multiply, or they will leave in search of food and water. These bugs can then move from the stump to your Lakeland home, where they can do some serious damage. Working with a professional stump removal company in Lakeland, Florida will significantly decrease your chances of a pest infestation.
  5. Stop stump sprouting: If you cut down a tree, you may notice that the stump sprouts again each spring. However, the tree that grows is often crooked or leaning. The only way to stop stump sprouting is to remove the stump.

Reasons to hire a professional stump removal company

If you want to get rid of a tree stump, hiring a professional stump removal company in Lakeland, Florida is the best way to go. There are two primary reasons you should hire a professional over taking a DIY approach to stump removal.

1. It can be tough to remove tree roots.

One of the most important reasons to call a professional Lakeland stump removal company is that deep roots can be challenging to remove. It can be nearly impossible for you to do this on your own — especially if you lack the necessary tools. When you hire a professional, they will bring all the required tools of the trade and ensure that the stump and any remaining roots are completely removed.

2. Hiring a professional is the safest way to remove the stump.

A professional Lakeland stump removal company understands what they are doing and will go out of their way to remove the stump as safely as possible. This means you never have to put yourself at risk to get your stump removed.

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