Tree removal is a labor-intensive task that involves significant risk if performed by someone who is not a trained professional. For that reason, if someone wanted to have a tree removed from their yard, they should call a professional stump removal company in Plant City, Florida. However, removing a tree is only one part of the equation — another part is the removal or grinding of the stump.

It is not uncommon for Plant City homeowners to leave the stump in the ground after getting a tree removed. But why? The three most often cited reasons are as follows:

  • The homeowner decided to get rid of the tree because it was either dead or because they were concerned that it might topple in a big storm. They are not bothered with the aesthetics of a stump in the yard, and they are simply relieved that they will be able to sleep comfortably during the next windstorm.
  • The homeowner decided not to pay any additional money to remove the stump. 
  • The tree service they hired did not provide the stump removal service. Not all tree service companies offer a full range of tree removal services — some simply prune branches and remove trees. Stump removal companies in Plant City, Florida require specialized equipment, and this equipment is not cheap. Considering that many tree service companies are already quite busy simply removing trees, why would they invest in such expensive equipment?

Is stump removal necessary?

Although it is not uncommon for homeowners to leave stumps in their yard, we strongly recommend hiring a stump removal company in Plant City, Florida and getting rid of it. For many reasons, removing the stump is the logical choice, and it is well worth the extra money to have this service completed at the same time the tree is removed. These reasons include:

  • If you removed the tree because it was dead or dying, the stump will likewise be dead or die within a short time after the tree was removed. Like a dead tree, a dead stump can act as a magnet for insects. Sure, dealing with a fly is not particularly horrible, and it will not pose a threat to your Plant City home. Carpenter ants and termites, on the other hand, do. These pesky pests are particularly fond of dead or decaying wood. If you have them in your yard, you are in serious trouble. These insects can quickly infiltrate your home and begin devouring the wood inside or outside of your house. These insects can wreak havoc on your framing, decks, floors, and roof, resulting in thousands of dollars in property damage — not to mention the extermination costs.
  • Decaying wood can also result in fungal growth. If you have pets or small children in your home, this fungus can pose serious health hazards if it is accidentally ingested.
  • Finally, a stump in the ground is not particularly appealing. As the top-rated stump removal company in Plant City, Florida, we have removed several stumps from yards where homeowners had no concerns about termites or fungus — they were simply tired of looking at the unsightly stump every day.

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