If you have ever cut a tree down or had a huge tree fall in your yard, it can be frustrating to know that the work is not finished. When it comes to getting rid of a tree stump, some Lakeland homeowners may decide to either put off dealing with the issue until a later date or take on the job themselves.

We always recommend hiring a professional stump removal contractor in Lakeland, Florida for the job. But if you are the type of person who enjoys doing things on their own, here are a couple of ways to remove that unsightly stump from your yard.

Removing stumps with science

Epsom salts are well-known worldwide due to the practically endless number of uses they have. Epsom salt — which contains magnesium sulfate as its main ingredient — can be put to a wide range of uses.

Epsom salt can work miracles when used in moderation. Drill holes measuring 1” around the stump, allowing a space of a few inches in between each hole for the best results. Next, fill each hole with Epsom salt, and then fill with enough water for absorption — but not so much that it overflows, since excess runoff can damage the surrounding turf.

Although it works better on larger stumps, this method can be used on stumps of any size. If you do not have any luck with this method, don’t worry — you can always contact a professional stump removal contractor in Lakeland, Florida.

Removing stumps with hard labor.

Because it requires manually removing a stump from the ground, this technique can be a little more labor-intensive. Given that you will be climbing up and down, this technique is not recommended for anyone with knee or back issues.

Although this is not the fastest way to get the job done, it is the most reliable method for determining whether the stump has been completely uprooted.

First, digging around the stump will give you a better picture of how thick the root system is. The next step is to cut through the tough roots using a combination of your ax and saw. Continue carrying out these steps until you can effectively remove the stump from the ground.

This technique works best to remove small stumps since larger stumps often have a more robust root system that firmly anchors them. If a root system is too complex, you may need to contact your local stump removal contractor in Lakeland, Florida.

What not to do

If you have made your way to this blog, there is a good chance that this is not the first post about the different techniques to remove a stump that you have read. These suggestions are the least invasive and damaging ways to remove a stump without using chemicals or contaminating the ground around the stump.

Any knowledgeable stump removal contractor in Lakeland, Florida will advise you not to bury a tree stump. Burying a tree stump will cause the tree to rot in the long run, which could cause the root system to fall apart. And in combination with rain or other types of moisture, burying a tree stump can also result in a sinkhole on your property, which can cause even more severe issues.

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