If you manage a property with trees, you’ve probably had a stump removed. It’s inevitable — trees age, they become sick and become a threat to everyone and everything around. However, discarding a tree is no small job. Even though you did get one removed safely, it might leave you with a little frustrating reminder — the stump.

Many people let it decay on its own or use the stump for decorative purposes. But if you feel it is an eyesore — we, as your Plant City stump removal experts, can help you get on your way. Check out these five great ways in which you can remove the stump painlessly. 

1. By Hand

It is the safest and stress-free way of removing the stump, provided you have the necessary expertise, tools, and equipment. You would have to keep digging and chopping until you reach the taproot and cut through it to pull the stump out manually. It can usually take a few hours, and once done; the stump will become history.

2. With Chemicals

Although we do not recommend using toxic chemicals to remove the stump, this is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to dissolve that leftover base. This method is beneficial if the stump size is larger, and it may not be possible to eliminate the stump manually. Chemicals start to rot the pesky stump and take anywhere between a few weeks to months or a year.  

3. Burn It Down

Another method to remove the stump is to burn it down. Burning the stump can be used in conjunction or as a standalone process. It is the fastest and most convenient method. But make sure to check what products are safe and acceptable for use in the Plant City area. Plus, when the stump is burning down, watch it closely till the flames dissipate. 

4. Use A Stump Grinder

If you do not have the time and patience for the other procedures, a stump grinder is the better choice. It helps avoid a lot of unnecessary work required with manual processes. You can rent a stump grinder along with the mandatory personal protective equipment to accelerate the task. It is a straightforward process. But make sure you are grinding the stump only if you have the know-how to operate the equipment safely and deal with the aftermath.

5. Call Professionals

Stump Removal in Plant City, Florida, can be a strenuous task if you do not have the necessary experience and knowledge for removing the stump. Besides, if waiting for weeks, working yourself on excavation, or engaging a local handyman does not work for you, hire a professional. You can always ask the company cutting down your tree to remove the stump. You can also negotiate on the rate as you are already working with them.

The Worst You Can Do Is Do Nothing!

Keeping the stump around is an eyesore for you, your visitors, and your family. Tree stumps attract uninvited bugs and insects, spread decay, and are an unnecessary focal point in the yard. It can injure someone or damage lawn equipment. Tree pests also tend to spread to the entire property, and addressing the damage when it is too late can be expensive and time-consuming.

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