Trees are a common landscape feature that most Auburndale homeowners enjoy having in their yard. While some trees don’t require much attention at all, there are other types of trees that require more consistent care.

Are you interested in learning how to properly care for the trees in your yard? If so, you’ve come to the right place — this tree care company in Auburndale, Florida is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

The Importance of Tree Care

Natural calamities lurking in our future are impossible to predict. However, routine maintenance makes it easy to prepare for them. Even if we take weather disruptions out of the picture, certain trees are more susceptible to disease or insects. You can minimize these risks your trees are exposed to if you know how to care for them. 

  1. Mulch around the tree: Mulch protects tree roots and keeps the surrounding soil moist. It also releases beneficial organic matter into the soil as it decomposes. Your tree care company in Auburndale, Florida will recommend spreading the mulch to a depth of two to four inches, reaching out to the dripline (the area directly under the outer circumference of the tree branches). Next, using your fingers, move the mulch away from the trunk to form a donut shape. You will want to avoid piling the mulch in a volcano shape around the base since the trapped moisture might attract pests, disease, or decay.
  2. Water the tree regularly: Many newly planted trees need to be watered once every day for the first several weeks after planting. On the other hand, an average adult tree requires ten gallons of water per inch of the width of the trunk. The key here is to keep the soil moist but not wet. Drip irrigation delivers water to the roots of your trees, while mulching helps retain moisture. Water your trees in the early morning or late evening to avoid water evaporation before it reaches the soil.
  3. Fertilize your lawn in the fall: Like any other garden plant, trees need fertilization in the fall before the winter weather stresses the root systems. Applying phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to the soil can help harden the root tissues, which is how the tree adapts to cold temperatures.
  4. Keep pests and diseases at bay: Pests and diseases can often go undiagnosed for long periods. Most homeowners simply do not care for their trees as much as they do their blooming plants or vegetable gardens. Common signs of tree pests or diseases include cavities and hollows in trunks and branches, mushrooms growing around the base, stunted growth, discolored leaves, and white, cottony masses in branches. If you suspect a pest infestation or disease problem on your tree, speak with a tree care company in Auburndale, Florida to determine the best course of action.
  5. Get rid of invasive plants: Invasive plants that grow aggressively, such as hedera (commonly known as ivy), Japanese honeysuckle (lonicera japonica), and wisteria, can weaken your tree by trapping moisture around the root collar or keeping leaves from receiving adequate sunlight. You can remove these plants by pulling them out by the roots, using herbicides or weed killers, or by hiring a professional tree care company in Auburndale, Florida.
  6. Regular pruning and trimming: Routine pruning and trimming is perhaps the essential aspect of tree care. It helps remove dead branches and ensure clearance for nearby structures, driveways, parking areas, and utility routes.

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