With temperatures continuing to rise and the days getting longer, there really is no better time than Spring to get your property prepared for what’s ahead.

As the top-rated tree care company in Lakeland, Florida, we understand that keeping your trees healthy and looking their best all year is important to any homeowner. To that end, we have put together a list of our top four tree care tips below that will help you keep your trees looking their best this summer.

1. Look at the overall health of your trees.

Trees are highly resilient and have an inner intelligence that allows them to be dormant throughout the winter months and then awaken — like clockwork — when the milder spring temperatures finally arrive. Despite this, your trees and shrubs may suffer damage throughout the winter months.

When spring cleaning your lawn, take a good look at your trees and shrubs to see if there is any damage. Inspect the tree for dead wood or lesions on the leaves — and then prune away any branches that are dead, damaged, or diseased.

Contacting a licensed tree care company in Lakeland, Florida can be a smart option if you are unclear about the severity of any damage or if you need help with pruning.

2. Pay attention to the soil.

Watering your trees during the winter months can result in runoff since the water cannot penetrate the soil as effectively as it would otherwise. There is no better time to begin watering your trees than now, as temperatures rise leading into the spring and summer months. Watering your trees now will encourage the healthy growth of leaves and shoots.

As any experienced tree care company in Lakeland, Florida knows, it’s also necessary to monitor moisture levels in the soil to ensure that your trees do not dry out. Check moisture in the soil four to six inches below the surface — make sure the soil is moist, not wet.

Spring is also an excellent time to check your irrigation system (or sprinklers) to make sure it is operating correctly.

3. Check mulch levels.

If you mulch your trees at the beginning of spring, they will be better able to retain moisture. Mulching can also prevent weeds and lower the risk of wood-boring insect infestation.

Three inches of mulch will suffice — but avoid stacking it on tree trunks to prevent “mulch volcanoes.” Additionally, mulching around the tree trunk while leaving the root crown exposed can help keep troublesome weeds like ivy from returning.

4. Remove any weeds or debris from the area surrounding the trunk.

Your tree care company in Lakeland, Florida will recommend removing any weeds you come across, because they can compete with the tree for water and nutrients. Spring is the best time to do it since the soil is still soft from the rain. Use a rake to collect and remove any excess debris (such as leaves or twigs) from beneath the trees, as these can serve as a breeding ground for fungal growth if left unattended for an extended period.

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