Trees are essential to your Lakeland home and the beauty of your landscape — however, they sometimes require a great deal of maintenance. While some homeowners can successfully maintain their trees themselves, there are a few common mistakes people often make that can seriously damage their trees. To help you avoid any issues, this tree care company in Lakeland, Florida is going to highlight some of the most common mistakes below.

Failing to Prune

Pruning helps remove dead or dying branches, which can help prevent the spread of disease. It also helps improve air circulation and sunlight penetration, promoting healthy growth. Not to mention, it can also help keep your tree looking its best. Failing to prune your trees can be a costly mistake, both in terms of the tree’s health and the money you will have to spend to fix the problem.

Choosing the Wrong Tools

When it comes to tree care, using the wrong tools can be ineffective and dangerous. Using the wrong tool could result in an injury or cause damage to the tree itself. To avoid damaging your trees, your tree care company in Lakeland, Florida will recommend using the appropriate tools for the job at hand. For example, pruning shears are designed for small, delicate cuts, while loppers are meant for larger branches.

Ignoring Tree Health Signs

Trees can’t tell us when they are sick, so it is important to be proactive about their care. Unfortunately, many people wait until a tree is visibly sick or dying before they reach out to a tree care company in Lakeland, Florida. By then, it may be too late. Be on the lookout for early signs of trouble, such as discolored leaves, wilting branches, or fungal growth. These can indicate that your tree is under stress and needs help.

Not Cleaning Debris Away from the Base of the Tree

Over time, leaves, twigs, and other debris can build up around the base of your tree. If this happens, it can provide a hiding place for pests and diseases. Additionally, the build-up of debris can prevent water and nutrients from getting to the roots of your tree. As a result, your tree may become unhealthy and more susceptible to damage. To avoid these problems, be sure to clean away any debris that has accumulated around the base of your tree.

Climbing Trees Without Proper Safety Gear

This is probably the most common mistake people make when it comes to tree care. They think they can just scale the trunk and branches without any protection. Unfortunately, they end up getting seriously injured. Not only is this dangerous for you, but it also puts unnecessary stress on the tree, which can lead to damage. Always wear a harness and helmet when climbing trees.

Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor

You might be tempted to hire an unlicensed tree care professional to save money, but this can end up costing you more in the long run. Unlicensed workers may not have the proper insurance to cover damages they cause, and you could be held liable if something goes wrong. Furthermore, unlicensed workers are more likely to make mistakes that could damage your property or trees. While hiring a licensed tree care company in Lakeland, Florida may cost a bit more upfront, it is worth it for the peace of mind and protection it provides.

Final Thoughts

Taking good care of your trees does not need to be expensive, but it can prove costly if you make mistakes. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes so that you can take great care of your trees without breaking the bank.

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