When it comes to trees, Lakeland homeowners often make mistakes — during planting and in the first couple of years. In many situations, the ramifications of these mistakes are not realized until years after the fact. That is why it is critical to be aware of the most common mistakes made in tree care before, during, and immediately after planting.

To that end, this tree planting company in Lakeland, Florida is going to review the top three mistakes to avoid.

Planting in the wrong place.

Except for transplanting the tree while you still have time, the one tree planting mistake that you can never reverse is planting the tree in the wrong location for the tree’s growth. Before planting it, know exactly how tall a tree will grow and how broad its canopy will be. This will help with correct placement in your yard.

Planting improperly.

An incorrectly planted tree has very little chance of surviving and flourishing. Putting in the extra time and effort to plant a tree will be well worth it in the long run. Attempts to rectify planting mistakes usually fail and are more time-consuming than planting correctly in the first place.

Locate the tree’s root collar before you plant it. This is where the roots meet the main stem or trunk. Expose the trunk flares by brushing away the dirt — and plant no more than a few inches deeper than that. The root collar is part of the tree’s trunk, which does not tolerate soil moisture as well as roots. So, burying it too deep can end up killing a tree.

Plant the tree at a height several inches above the ground to be on the safe side. Under the tree’s weight, a root collar that is precisely at ground level at the time of planting will inevitably lower. 

If you want to avoid digging a deep hole, your tree planting company in Lakeland, Florida will suggest making a planting hole that is twice the diameter of the tree’s root ball instead.

A tree should be planted on the same native soil used to fill the planting hole. The addition of peat moss or compost to the soil will encourage the roots to grow only in that small hole, rather than spreading outward and downward in search of nutrients and water.

Not irrigating properly.

During the first growing season or two after planting, it is essential not to allow the roots of a newly planted tree to become too dry. As any knowledgeable Lakeland, Florida tree planting company will tell you, a tree might not thrive in its new location until the third year when the roots have developed and spread out enough. Consider supplemental irrigation if there has been less than an inch of rain in a week. 

When a tree is thirsty, its leaves will wilt or droop — however, it is recommended not to allow the tree to reach this point. Mulch can help since it will help retain moisture between rainfall and supplemental irrigation.

Established trees rarely require supplemental irrigation, but if they are growing in an area with a prolonged drought, they may benefit from occasional irrigation.

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