While trees improve the aesthetic value of a property, provide welcome relief from the heat of summer, and help enhance air quality, the cost of planting a tree can vary greatly depending on several factors.

The presence of trees is often cited as one aspect of the visual landscape that most distinguishes older, more established communities from more recent residential developments in Auburndale. When compared to homes tucked away in a grove of towering oaks and maples, the homes built in more recent developments often lack the personality and charm of their more established counterparts.

This is among the many reasons why Auburndale homeowners may want to plant new trees around their property. The only issue, however, is that planting new trees can be a major investment. Are you interested in learning about some of the key factors that can impact the cost of planting a new tree? This tree planting company in Auburndale, Florida is going to discuss them below.

Tree size

Planting a tree that is on the smaller side (under 3 ft. tall) and of the type that can be bought from a garden center in a container that holds 1 or 2 gallons will be less expensive than planting a tree that is on the larger side and must be moved from a tree nursery and then transplanted in the yard using a large tree spade. Prices and rates can vary depending on which tree planting company in Auburndale, Florida you work with, so if you are going to partner with the professionals, it’s wise to ask for a written cost estimate before any work is done.

Tree type

The overall cost will also depend on the type of tree you choose. The first thing you need to do is choose a tree suitable for your area’s climate. There are many different types of trees, but not all of them can grow in every region. Check the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Plant Hardiness Zone Map to ensure that your chosen tree is well-suited to the local environment.

Additionally, the cost of purchasing some trees is more than the cost of purchasing other trees — and this is before any fees associated with planting services are considered. In general, trees with a slower growth rate cost more to plant on your property.

Number of trees

The number of trees you decide to plant can also impact the final price. For example, if you are thinking about planting a dozen trees in your yard, your tree planting company in Auburndale, Florida might offer you a volume discount. If the company you choose to work with offers volume discounts, at the end of the day, it could be more cost-effective to have multiple trees planted simultaneously vs one at a time, if that’s your end goal.

In addition to the tree’s size, type, and quantity, the cost of planting a tree can also be affected by the tree’s maturity and location, labor, crew size, necessary equipment, and any costs associated with permits or inspections.

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