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Professional tree removal service in Lakeland, Florida
If you want to add a charming touch to your home’s landscape in Lakeland, Florida, you can’t go wrong with planting a tree or two. If left unchecked, though, trees can develop infections or diseases and not only become an eyesore, but also pose some serious dangers. Dying or dead tree branches can fall down and seriously injure you or damage your home. In such cases, tree removal becomes a near necessity. The good news
Landscape and plant design in Plant City, Florida
As you look at all the beautifully landscaped properties in the Plant City, Florida area, you might be curious as to how the landscape got to be that way. Who are the professionals that are responsible for these well-designed landscapes? The answer is: landscape architects. A landscape architect’s responsibility is to design all aspects of a home or commercial property’s outdoor space, which may involve varying degrees of heavy construction or reconstruction. They will also
Lawn care maintenance company in Lakeland, Florida
Many Lakeland homeowners think of their lawn maintenance as a “necessary evil”. However, keeping a lawn well-tended is really simple when you have a good lawn care service provider by your side. The best part? Professional lawn care services are pretty affordable! But considering the abundance of lawn care companies out there, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing between lawn
New client from Auburndale , FL that receives lawn services from Creative Edge.
One of the most frequently asked questions received at Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care LLC of Auburndale has been: What is the difference between lawn service and landscaping? We understand how it can be confusing and hard to separate the two. After all, many homeowners and commercial property owners tend to lump lawn service and landscaping together because people tend to believe that their exterior property is an umbrella service. However, that just is
St. Augustine grass often found in Plant City, FL.

Plant City Lawn Service Guide

Posted on September 15, 2020
Plant City and the surrounding communities are rapidly growing.  New residents are heading south from northern states and finding their new roots in homes in and around Plant City, FL. Many new residents are unaware of how the climate shift can affect many of their usual annual activities, such as lawn care.Lawn care and maintenance in the southern states differs in some ways from the change of seasons that the northern states experience. In fact,

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