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Unhealthy, dying lawn in Lakeland that is in need of revitalization.
One of the most common questions we receive from homeowners throughout Lakeland, FL at Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC is, “Can I save my dying lawn?”. That depends. The first task in saving a dying lawn is to get to the core of what is causing it to wither to begin with. Your lawn could be dying due to one of the following circumstances: Insects Fungal lawn disease Overwatering/Under-watering Drought conditions Insects That Harm
This homeowner's property in south Lakeland, FL is benefiting from full lawn care services provided by Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care LLC.
Before long, October and November will arrive and usher in some of the cooler weather of Fall.  If you live within Lakeland Highlands, Medulla, Eaton Park, and surrounding communities in the South Lakeland, Florida area you will start to notice a slow down in your lawn’s rate of growth. This will cause a change in your lawn care needs. Also, there’s a window of opportunity for some fall lawn care tasks to be performed before
Creative Edge Landscape & Lawn Care team member inspecting a tree.
A damaged tree is not only dangerous but looks ugly on your garden or compound. This is why you have to always make sure you have healthy trees around your home. You can either call a professional tree service provider (US!!) or do it yourself. So here is a look at the 5 tips to keep your trees healthy and looking good. Trimming Apart from just adding beauty, removing old or dead branches and growth will also
Landscape professional hard at work in a homeowner's back yard.
Has your lawn seen better days? Maybe your landscape needs some serious help? If so, you probably could benefit from hiring a professional landscaping service. They will give you a helping hand to get your lawn to its full potential. If this doesn’t convince you that your lawn needs help, here are 7 signs that might help change your mind. Seven Signs You Need a Landscaping Service Your grass is brown: If your beautiful green lawn changed to
Chainsaw in action on a tree trunk.
Tree brings beauty and value to any property. They provide shade and help supply oxygen for us to breathe. But owning trees comes with responsibilities. Tree removal and tree trimming are just two of the tasks that you need to consider. But often these tasks come with dangers. Failure during tree removal can be highly dangerous and destructive. Today, we are going to learn some tips that just might help you avoid these dangerous situations.

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